About Us

Established in 1977 in a small plant in Taipei with 75 diligent workers. Ongpin had been manufacturing those popular beach balls, swimming rings and other inflatable toys in different shapes and styles in the early stages. We had also developed products of more complicate and attractive designs, such as World War II and contemporary fighters, space shuttles and airliners based on the real airplanes’ blue prints. Our airplanes were almost real. These authentic inflatable airplane toys had overwhelmed the market and raised a storm of imitations by other competitors.

In the 1980’ s, we stepped in the field of large-size products such as flocked air beds, inflatable boats, lounge chairs/recliners and many other pool side stuffs.

We had to stay away from those cheap and harmful competitions from those copycats; we had to speed up our steps of R&D toward the new frontiers.
The next ten years, we kept creating miscellaneous delouse and long life products.Those were the real durable nylon air beds, water bed baffles, outdoor camping and Hunting gears. We had to even successfully made ergonomic air beds for bedridden patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

People started moving their factories and facilities to China for the sake of better labor cost and supplies. Our wagon headed west ward to seek a brave new life for our customers and ourselves. Staying in China , we realized that we had to convert and upgrade ourselves for more high end products which need new knowledges, new technologies and new facilities. We had to be a hero not simply a victim in a new battle field. Kayaks, Canoes, Leisure boats, Towables, Waterproof bike bags, Duffle bags, Back packs of sophisticate constructions and different materials.

Simultaneously, we started manufacturing self-inflate foam mattresses applying new designs, new materials and new technology. We gave new life to these old products. Research and development of new pads never stops.

Entering the 21st century, we have already commenced programs of more new products for the tomorrow market, for the consumers, for our customers and for our own company.